Dark Web And Hidden Wiki


Hidden Wiki is used primarily in Dark Web as there are many wikis resistant to censorship and operating as Tor hidden services. Through hidden wikis, one may edit the details after they've done registering on the page while being anonymous. The primary page functions as directory to several other onion websites in dark web. Hidden wikis is basically the Wikipedia of Deep Web and it's used by deep web users as directories of Tor network.

However, there are some other versions of hidden wiki. They're known to be 5 in general. This is all because of the reason that the first versions were hacked and as a result, there've been formation of several other versions as improvement of first version.

Hidden wiki first operated on onion site and may be accessed only if the user has a Tor Browser. It had a page which functions as a link to other services that was mostly illegal. These consist of links to cyber attacks, making of bombs and so on. It even had links to illegal web pages because it's uncensored. It's iterated in 2011 for the first time for its association with illegal content. It has also reached to a point in mid 2013 that the page was hosted on freedom hosting and in 2014 of March, the page was hacked including onion domain. Visit this website at http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/10/technology/deep-web/ and know more about deep web.

Not like other wikis, for hidden wiki, there's no official main wiki. Hidden wikis have a number of forks and mirrors that are hosted on .onion sites. This is the case so to increase accessibility because main wiki faced a lot of downtime and instability.

Since hidden wiki is mostly used in dark web guides purposes, it can't be accessed using regular browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. However, it can be accessed only by Tor Browser. Firefox may be used under Tor Browser. From Tor's official web site, which you can get the link of downloading Tor Browser. Upon download, one will download first the file and then extract it to the destination folder. When extracted, one may now start Tor Browser and Mozilla will open this as a homepage. From that, you'll be able to access hidden wiki from .onion site.

Tor is offering high level of security and anonymous browser but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is 100 percent safe and for that, one needs to apply safety measures to make sure of the added privacy and security. Know the list darknet markets here!